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An old adage says that people who fail to plan are, without even realizing it, planning to fail.  Right now two out of five Americans admit they're postponing major life decisions -- home ownership, marriage, children, college, retirement -- because of anxieties about money.  Others are concerned about how best to safeguard their estates for the benefit of their children and grandchildren.

Our experienced financial professionals want to help you plan and succeed, demystifying your investment options while mapping out a path to the future. There's a lot to consider:  managed accounts, mutual funds, specialty investments, IRAs and 401Ks, defined benefit or contribution plans, life and disability insurance, market timing services, annuities and 529 and Coverdell education savings plans.

collegegradWhat's right for you depends on your individual goals and desires -- and that's where our expertise comes into play. We specialize in listening to your priorities and tailoring financial strategies to confidently meet your needs. 

*  College:  With costs going up every year, experts say that parents of newborns can anticipate paying more than $204,000 for a public college education and $416,000 for a private college. But thanks to new tax-free investment vehicles, saving for college has never been easier -- and you can make contributions for your children, grandchildren, friends -- even for yourself.

santorinivacation* Retirement:   O
ne in four Americans report being "very worried" that they will not be able to maintain the living standard they now enjoy, and less than half now say they expect to live comfortably in their retirement years.  But it's never too early or too late to start planning for the kind of retirement you dream of and deserve.

* Legacy planning: In three out of every five famlies where new wealth has been created, that wealth will be gone by the end of the second generation, being proactive makes a difference.   We can offer design strategies to secure the assets your hard work has accumulated over your lifetime, pass them on to your heirs and ensure that they, too, spend and save wisely -- leaving a sound financial legacy for generations to come.
Licensed in California, Nevada and several other states as well, we are members of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority. Our management also oversees Resource Investment Architects, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission. Our roster of financial representatives include general practitioners, as well as those who have carved out a specialized niche:  working with small business owners, or high-net-worth individuals, or educators, or non-profit organizations.

Some of our clients favor the flexibility of working with a fee-based planner; others opt for the potential cost savings of a no-fee, commission-based financial advisor. Whatever your preferences, one of our experienced advisors can customize a plan for you.

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